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Printer Whisperer

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Forfatter: Lunaticity

The printer. Its got a mind of its own. Sometimes it says, "READY." Sometimes it says, "NICE SHIRT." And "PC LOAD LETTER?" What does that mean?

The Printer Whisperer is a fun little app for changing the message on HP LaserJet network printers with the fancy LCDs using your iPhone or iPod Touch. It lets you replace the idle "READY" message with a witty comment of your own!

Simply select a message or type your own. Then press "Pick Printer."
Select a printer on your network or type in the IP address or domain name of your printer. Then press "Whisper" to send the message.
It doesnt harm the printer, and the effects wear off if you turn off the printer.

The Printer Whisperer was inspired by the following web pages:

Many of the quotes included can be attributed to the page authors and/or the commenters. As far as I know, this only works on HP LaserJet printers with JetDirect network cards.